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จองห้องพักที่ Oakwood At The Devonshire


Beautiful high rise building located in the financial district. Recently renovated lobby/ health club/ kitchens and hallways. Full service building. To the casual observer/ its a unique street-to-street porte cochere entry and an intriguing glimpse of an elegant lobby. But to those who live in the luxury homes of this striking contemporary building/ this property is simply bostons premiere residential address. Rising from the heart of the city/ this community reflects a very modern sensibility both a short walk to work and a central gateway to bostons most exciting leisure venues. Parking is not included but can be set up by the resident at the garage located beneath the building.

Oakwood At The Devonshire



  • จำนวนห้องพักทั้งหมด - 465
  • จำนวนชั้น - 40
  • ฟิตเนส
  • สระว่ายน้ำในร่ม


  • ครัวขนาดเล็ก
  • เปล/เตียงเด็ก
  • รูมเซอร์วิส
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