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ภาพรวมของ เลกัล บิ๊ก เฮาส์ (166-1)


คะแนน 5 - ดีเลิศ 0 จาก 1 รีวิว
5 - ดีเลิศ 0%
คะแนน 4 - ดี 0 จาก 1 รีวิว
4 - ดี 0%
คะแนน 3 - พอใช้ 1 จาก 1 รีวิว
3 - พอใช้ 100%
คะแนน 2 - แย่ 0 จาก 1 รีวิว
2 - แย่ 0%
คะแนน 1 - แย่มาก 0 จาก 1 รีวิว
1 - แย่มาก 0%









3/5 พอใช้

Happy face iconชื่นชอบ: ความสะอาด, สภาพของที่พักและสิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก, ความสะดวกสบายของห้องพัก
Sad face Iconไม่ชื่นชอบ: พนักงานและบริการ
2 Part Review...
Part 1, Accommodation. More of an Airbnb. The place is super nice and clean. It is about a 15 minute walk from the JR Tenma station through a Dotonburi-like shopping street. (but of course no tax free service because it is not a tourist area). There is a subway station nearer the place. About 5 minutes walk from the place. It is good for 10 people (8 beds in 3 rooms combined with 2 futon mattresses in the living room). Really spacious, neat and comfortable. BUT it is on the 3rd floor with NO ESCALATOR. So if you are up for the climb then this place is perfect for you. Part 2, Service. The host is somewhat quick to respond, sometimes, to queries. However, on the day we were to leave, at exactly 10am, the CLEANING CREW arrived. I went to buy something downstairs and when I got back, I found my kids at the bottom of the stairs with all our luggage waiting for me. When I asked what happened, my daughter said she was coming out of the bathroom when she heard the door open (bathroom is beside main door). She thought it was me coming back but was shocked to find a guy (Cleaning Crew) inside the house.The guy told my half naked daughter "OUT!". Didn't even have the courtesy of waiting outside for her to finish changing into her clothes. So they stuffed everything we had into our luggage while the guy went by his cleaning business, and went downstairs to wait for me. I left at 9:50am and got back at 10:10am. I double checked my time because I was bent on writing this review.
เข้าพัก 3 คืน, พฤษภาคม 2019


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