St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrala sv Vita)

Within the grounds of the Prague Castle lies this highly revered church, home of the Czech crown jewels and seat of the archbishop of Prague.

Within the grounds of the Prague Castle stands one of Central Europe’s most significant religious sites, the St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrála Sv. Víta). You can see this huge cathedral from all over Prague; some of its spires are as tall as 316 feet (96.5 meters). Today St. Vitus is an essential part of any trip to Prague. View tombs and religious iconography, and see where the Czech Crown Jewels are kept. Since 1344 the cathedral has been the seat of the archbishop of Prague.

The original building on the site dates back to 925 and was one of the first structures built on the castle grounds. As your tour guide will tell you, the cathedral was under constant construction throughout the last millennium. The neo-Gothic church you see today wasn’t finished until 1929, delayed by centuries of wars and a fire.

Admire the impressive Last Judgment mosaic at the south entrance. It’s made of over a million pieces of stone and glass. Make your way through the stone arches beneath it to enter the cathedral, the resting place of many of Prague’s most important figures. The Royal Crypt contains the sarcophagi of many Czech royals, including Charles IV, while the Chapel of St. Wenceslas is built on the grave of the holy saint. 

Peer from the entrance to the chapel to see the Crown Chamber, home to the Crown Jewels. Seven keys are required to open the chamber, one of which belongs to the president.

Climb the 287 steps to the top of the cathedral’s main tower for one of the best views of the city.

St. Vitus Cathedral is located within the Prague Castle complex in the Castle District on the west bank of the Vltava River. The cathedral is easily reached from the city center by tram or metro.

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